The current COA situation

Thomas Pryds Lauritsen thomas at
Tue Jun 3 23:55:54 CEST 2003


As you might have noticed, the COA site has been down for a couple of 
days. I have now (with assistance from my brother who has physical 
access to the machine) discovered the reason for that.

The reason is that the system has been attacked and infected by the 
'rootkit' trojan/worm. Currently I know only very little about it.

I don't know when I can get things into order since I think it requires 
me to have physical access to the server system, myself. And that might 
be hard at the moment since I'm in the middle of my exam period which 
means very limited time for anything else than studying.

I am sorry to announce that till further notice, the power has been cut 
from the system.

I hope we can get some temporary solution, like perhaps automatically 
updated output files from the INDUCKS database (more rough-looking, 
non-searchable html pages) online somewhere. This does not affect the 
INDUCKS database itself (it will keep being updated as always and no 
data will be lost from it) -- "only" the COA search engine (and other 
sites on the server) won't be available.

I hope I'm not a spoilsport here, and this might be partly off-topic, 
but I think I ought to tell people about the situation.

Best wishes,
(maintainer of the COA system (the hardware and software, but not the site))

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