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Fri Jun 6 12:55:11 CEST 2003

Thanks to EVERYONE who has responded so far to my query about meta-stories. 
I say "so far" because I hope there will be even more.

It is obvious that I shall have to find the time (and money) to learn more 
about Italian Disney comics. I wish I could read Italian.

Special thanks to Olaf who directed my attention the the lovely Marco Rota 
story "La notte del saraceno" ("Sarasenerens natt"). I have that album and 
when I dug it out I also found a pile of other albums published in Norway 
in the 80s. Long, exiting stories with good art and nice print quality. 
Those were the days.

In the pile was another Rota masterpiece: the much disputed "Life in an 
eggshell"-story. I realized that this is ALSO a meta-story. The journalist 
is writing a series about comic books and wants to interview Donald because 
the whole world knows so much about him. Donald's reaction: "They do? We 
have heard nothing of this in Duckburg."

Anyway, if it rains this weekend, I'll have a great time renewing my 
acqaintance with these old stories. If it doesn't rain I have to dig in the 
garden, but I hate that. I never find buried treasures or skeletons or 
other exiting stuff.

Nils from Norway

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