Animal Faces in Duckburg

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Sat Jun 7 18:44:08 CEST 2003

<Has anyone ever attempted to make a list of the different animal-
faces in Duckburg, apart from the well-known dog-faces, pig-faces, 
chicken(?)-faces (like Gyro) and rat-faces?>

Sorry if any of these have been mentioned before:

In "The Crazy Quiz Show" (WDC99) we see two hippopotamuses in the audience. I know the 
script for this story was not done by Barks, but still...

In "The Frog Jumping Contest" (WDC 108) Snakeyes McViper has pointed ears and slanted eyes.
He is obviously a cat - maybe Black Pete's cousin?

In "The Beauty Business" (WDC308) one of Donald's customers is an elephant.

Then there's the poor guy tramping the potato peels into the bucket in "The Sagmore
Spring Hotell". He is a monkey. I sure hope he got promoted after Donald took over
his job at the end of the story.

Nils from Norway

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