Non-Disney indexing

Lars Jensen lpj at
Sun Jun 22 12:36:41 CEST 2003

Harry wrote:

> I can say that the Barks non-Disney stories were include in Inducks
> "By Popular Demand".
> This means there are many Barks fans who prefer to have a complete
> Barks comic index.
> It's a bit tiresome to have to go to a different place to get
> information about Barks' few non-Disney stories.
> So I made the exception because:
> 1. Barks is THE most popular Disney comics creator;
> 2. The amount of included non-Disney comics is VERY small.

I could argue every single point in this, but since I neither own
INDUCKS nor am an induckser, there's no real point in doing that. Let's
just agree to disagree.


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