DCML Digest, Vol 4, Issue 35

Gary Leach bangfish at comcast.net
Fri Jun 27 04:18:16 CEST 2003

Hello all!

Although the difference isn't large, retailers did order more US #319 
than WDCS #634. US has been the most popular Disney comics title in the 
American direct market for quite some time, so this is no surprise.

If there seem to be "shortages" of any of our books at any retailers, 
this is probably due to simple slip-ups in order fulfillment. Retailers 
should contact Diamond if this seems to have occurred...and I hope they 
do. But busy retailers who ordered just a couple of copies of US and/or 
WDCS, and then did not receive them, may not put themselves to much 
bother over that. (Other than making sure they aren't expected to pay 
for them.)

For future reference: while both Gemstone and Diamond are owned and 
overseen by Steve Geppi, each is otherwise independently operated. In a 
nutshell, Diamond does not publish the Disney comics, and Gemstone does 
not take and fulfill retail orders for Disney comics.


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