Animal-faces in Barks-stories / April, May and June

Daniel van Eijmeren dve at
Sun Jun 29 17:31:59 CEST 2003

One june 6, 2003, I asked if anyone ever attempted to make a list of
the different animal-faces in Duckburg, apart from the well-known 
dog-faces, pig-faces, chicken(?)-faces (like Gyro) and rat-faces.

You can see some results below. In these results, I've decided to 
include non-Duckburgians and rat-faces.

The reason for including non-Duckburgians is that I find the variety 
of animal-face more important than their location.
The reason for including rat-faces is that they are scarce, and 
sometimes it's discussable if they really are rat-faces.

Thanks to Nils Klartekst (4 stories), Frank Bubacz (6 stories), and 
Roy Kooijman (1 story).

Additions and corrections are welcome, of course.

- - - - - -

- A Letter to Santa (CP 1)
owl-face (judge)

- The Christmas Cha-Cha (CP 26)
bear-face, bull-face (members of the Billionaire's Club)
cow lady (Mrs. Van Kow)
- Finds Pirate Gold (OS 9)
parrot-face (Yellow Beak)
rat-faces (Black Pete's helpers)

- Too Many Pets (OS 29)
cat-face? (crook)

- horse-radish (OS 495)
fox-faces (Swindle McSue, Chisel McSue)

- The Double Date (OS 1055)
rooster-face (Rockhead Rooster)

- The Beauty Queen (OS 1055)
goat-face (playing a violin)

- Hound of the Whiskervilles (US 29)
elk-faces (McElks)

- House of Haunts (US 63)
owl-face (judge)

- Treasure of Marco Polo (US 64)
rat-face (Wahn Beeg Rhat)

- bill collectors (WDC 74)
monkey-face (Scarpuss McKnucks)
Frank Bubacz also mentioned a wolf. I don't see it. Where can that wolf 
be found?

- the crazy quiz show (WDC 99)
hippopotamus-faces (two in the audience)

- the frog jumping contest (WDC 108) 
cat-face (Snakeyes McViper looks like Black Pete, having pointed 
ears and slanted eyes)

- the sagmore spring hotel (WDC 206)
monkey-face, or a real monkey? (the guy tramping the potato peels)

- Missile Fizzle (WDC 244)
frog-face??? (scientist in panel 1.3)
rat-face (Prof. Slyrat)

- Zero Hero (WDC 245)
monkey-face (autograph hound in panel 2.1)

- Northeaster on Cape Quack (WDC 256)
weasel-face? (Weasel, helper of pig villain)

- Movie Mad (WDC 257)
stork lady (Mrs. Storkly, who baby-sits Daisy's nieces, April, May, 
and June.)

- Log Jockey (WDC 267)
cat-face (Black Pierre looks like Black Pete, having pointed 
ears and slanted eyes)

- The Jinxed Jalopy Race (WDC 270)
owl-face (judge)

- The Beauty Business (WDC 308)
elephant-face, horse/donkey-face (Donald's customers)

- - - - - - -

Frank Bubacz notes that last not least there also live human beings in 
Duckburg. That's a different matter, though I would find it interesting 
to see a complete list of Barks-stories with real humans. I think that 
would be nice as another trivia-quiz. (Unless such a list already is
available, of course.)

--- Daniël

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