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Sat Mar 1 13:54:02 CET 2003

From: "ddavilat" <ddavilat at ec-red.com>
>>>And since you are speaking of your next work, you could say if are you
thinking to make more chapters "B" of Lo$?.


>>>Personally, I would like to know
the "history" of the sister and nephews of Donald Duck. Is something that
you plan to elaborate?

I had planned on it for 15 years, but when I suggested it early last year,
the editor suddenly told me that the idea was forbidden. He said it would be
unexplainable, in any acceptable way, as to where the Nephews' parents had
been for so long and why they would abandon their children. The only reason,
other than that they were low-down good-fer-nuthins, would be that they were
dead... and I could not tell either sort of a story. But he also informed me
that, for the same reasons, I could never do my long-planned story about the
return of $crooge's sisters Hortense (Donald's mother) and Matilda. They,
too, were deemed dead by Egmont.
I argued at least for Matilda since she was nobody's mother and had every
right to disappear for 25-30 years if she wanted to. And I was granted
permission to tell the story of the return of Matilda McDuck, last seen by
$crooge in 1930. In fact, that's the story I'm working on right now.
However, I was told that this story could not involve her being married to
Ludwig Von Drake. I granted that -- nothing in my story will prove she is
not or was not married to LVD, and LVD would have been in the way in the
telling of this tale. Maybe I can use him if/when I do Matilda's second
But the parents of the Nephews (Della Duck and ?) and Donald's parents
(Hortense and Quackmore) have been declared dead by Egmont. If I ever tell
their stories, it will need to be for another publisher (and then Egmont
will surely use it, anyway, as with the Panama Lo$ story and "The Coin" that
they rejected and I did for PICSOU).
As for another Lo$ tale, I think the next one might be another of my
favorites, set in the Yukon. And it might be the tale of what happened
during the month that $crooge kidnapped Goldie to White Agony Valley.
But... the snail's pace at which I produce these stories is disheartening. I
have so many tales to tell, but I work so slowly that I'll never have time
to tell them all.
Another thing I won't be able to do is answer any more questions for the
next 10 days while I'm in Italia.

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