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About Disneyville, sorry, but the name doesn't appear in the book i told (the 
book about
 donald's biography we told about)...
It appears in a french book from the same year, ie 1966 (i also have a 1969 
edition of the
 same book), called "Expédition Picsou"
See scans of both editions and of the french version of Ddonald's biography 
(the scans
 inside the books are the same than in the german publication, so i won't 
show them)
another interresting detail from the biography book:
Donald receives a postcard from his sister (unnamed, he didn't even know he 
had a 
sister, as he left his mom as soon as he was hatched, and then the sister 
seems to
have found him because he became a star thanks to Mickey) :


Cher frère,
Tu recevras bientôt
la visite de tes chers neveux,
Désiré, Oscar et Nestor.
Ta soeur

Monsieur Donald,
USA  "

Dear brother,
You'll soon receive
 your beloved nephews to visit you,
Huey, Dewey and Louie [ancient names].
Your sister.
[and so on...]"

Gilles Maurice

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