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Sun Mar 2 22:17:22 CET 2003

Goofy313g at wrote:

>In super picsou géant #113, from january, 2003,(i bought it 
>today), a PK (paperinik/power duck) episode has been published (it must be #0 or #1, but i couldn't check, as 
>there are no story codes given, and the coa database is too 
PKNA  0b    I PKNA  0-1   71 s  ->  ASi ALa ALa PK) Evroniani [desc-it:minacce aliene per un
|							supereroe alienato] [xapp:Evrons(1st),
|							Xadhoom(1st),PK,DD,US,Angus(1st),Dan
|							Woodstein(1st),Lyla(1st),Camera9(1st),
|							Uno(1st),Ducklair(1st),HDL(cameo),Paperilla
|							Starry(1st),Sean LeDuck(1st),Brad Van
|							Beck(1st),Sam Plot(1st)] [xrefd:IC PKNA 
|							0(cover)] [plot:ASi,Ezio Sisto] [code:I-
|							PKNA-0]
|						    it: PKBIG 1*,SMIT 25
PKNA  1b    I PKNA  1-1   70 s  ->  FAr CSc CSc PK) Ombre su venere [desc-it:gli Evroniani contro
|							Angus] [xapp:Evrons,PK,Angus,Lyla,Uno,DD,
|							Xadhoom,Dan Woodstein,Mike Morrighan(1st),
|							Camera9,Zondag(1st),Zoster(1st),
|							Taratoa(1st)] [xrefd:IC PKNA  1(cover)]
|							[plot:FAr,Simone Stenti] [code:I-PKNA-1]
|						    it: PKMEM 1 (Ombre su Venere)

What is the source for that "Power Duck" name?  AFAIK, Paperinik has *only* been called Superduck and Duck Avenger in English.

>I was very happy to see this series published for 
>the first time in france, as i had heard about it on italian 
>french sites...
Er...  What exactly is an "Italian French site?"


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