Donald's biography

Paolo Castagno p.castagno at
Mon Mar 3 10:28:25 CET 2003


Cord Wiljes wrote:
> > Gilles wrote about the Donald Duck biography
> > "Donald Cherche fortune":

> The German edition has been printed in Italy,
> too: "Printed in Italy by New Interlitho S.P.A., Trezzano"
> Especially the image of Mickey looks very Italian indeed:
> Maybe someone on this list can identify the artist?

Mickey seems to be drawn by Onofrio Bramante (a.k.a. Brahms), I'm not
sure for Donald, since Bramante did just few stories with the ducks
(I AT   85-A and I TL  420-D) and I own just a reprint of one of
them, but I don't remember it, maybe I'll take a look this evening.

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