PK Goofy313g at
Mon Mar 3 16:20:51 CET 2003

>>>However, Gilles wrote "Power Duck," which would 
>>>become "PD," not "PK..."
I was meaning the first and the last letter, as for paperinik, anyway the name  PK seems to come from "PK2370"...
It's the code written on Donald's weapon, and when Donald reads it and understand he would become a superhero, he says "you're going to call me Powerduck" (one single word!!!)So it's not first letters, as it is one word, it's the first and the last name of the same word, and Donald had the idea of this nickname by reading the code...
anyway, "PD" would have been unacceptable in French comics = it's a very very bad insult meaning "homosexual person" (PD=Pédé=short for Pédéraste=homosexual)


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