Another map of Duckburg : need help from Italian fellows! Goofy313g at
Mon Mar 3 21:35:23 CET 2003

In the issues of Topolino from 2409 to 2420, were published several times the same two maps, with each time precisions about the location of a special character's house. I'd want tu publish on my site a "summary map" with all the locations of the characters, but I couldn't check issues 2419 and 2420 (Fethry's and Bridgitta's houses) If someone has the issues, that'd be cool to send me scans or to explain me where the houses actually stand.
In Topolino, they told they would publish a special full large sized map of Duckburg at the end of this series of articles, but the issues of Topolino aren't indexed anymore on coa, so if anyone here have news about this big, could he send me a message or post one here on dcml, to show us the map or at least, tell in which issue it has been published...

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