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Mon Mar 3 23:05:58 CET 2003

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From: "Stefan Persson" <spe at>
> You'll now find a link to a comic story in PDF format, which is *NOT*
> indexed in Inducks.  Does anyone know if that story has been printed
> anywhere, possibly attached to the video game? (probably not the right
> place to ask about that...)

There was an article, on one of the PK issues (don't remember which one,
right now), about the videogame, and a small panel on the same page told
about a unpublished comic story in computer-graphic attached to the game.
Now, I haven't had a chance to buy the videogame, as I do not have neither
Playstation nor Playstation Two: but I heard some other italian Pkers saying
there was absolutely no comic offered with the game. By the way, the english
version of this non-existent (or so it seems) story IS the PDF one you're
talking about - according to a pair of sample pages published on PK, but
never seen elsewhere.

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