Gary Leach bangfish at
Tue Mar 4 14:11:02 CET 2003


As far as I know, Gemstone is not the "another publisher" referred to 
by Don Rosa - I couldn't say if he even had any specific publishing 
entity in mind. However, it's possible Gemstone could become that 
"another publisher" in the fullness of time. We shall see.

> And even one more thing, is there anything
> you can do to make Egmont print your and Don's
> stories "Rocket Reverie" and "Fiscal Fitness"
> in the Scandinavian countries?

I wasn't aware they hadn't published them there. I know I could check, 
but does anyone else know right offhand if these stories - nothing to 
get excited about, to be sure - have been MIA in Scandanavia?


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