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Wed Mar 5 19:28:29 CET 2003

In the last ossue of pm, pm374, 
various informations are given, in "Le Clairon de Donaldville" (Duckburg's newspaper), the new section
 with very interresting articles about the Ducks...
First, I noticed that, under the title, we could read : "Propriétaire (Owner)= Balthazar D. Picsou
 (Scrooge D. McDuck)"
So Scrooge's Middle name starts with a "D" !!!
Then, on page 103, is published at a little sketch the drawing Don Rosa made for Inducks (Jones searching on a 
computer Ducks' stories to avoid them, thanks to, and a little text =" For the website of Disney 
Comics specialists, Don Rosa caricatured this very atypical fan: Jones, Donald's neighbor!(then comes the 
translation of the text in the speaking bubble) (note that the author of the article wrote "Jones", and 
not"Lagrogne" (Jones' French name)
(see it here :

On the same page, they published the cover of Aku Ankka for "Gyro's first invention", and the norwegian cover 
for "Dream of a life time", and they told they are going to publish it in the next issue...
On page 105, when somebody asks if they are going to publish "les inédits de don rosa" pin-ups, they answer no,
 but also that they prepare something very special about Don Rosa...  
and at page 106, a little article about the last episode of Lo$, which is republished, they tell that mayb, at 
christmas 2004, they are going to republish this story with Don Rosa's new panels of the story (the 19 pages 
version instead of the 16 pages)... They add that they found pages of Don Rosa that have never been published in 
France. I don't know what they're talking about...

The colors in this Magazine seem to be getting better...

other important stories published here : the "heirloom watch" and the menehunes story ...


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