Greek comic found in a Norwegian second hand shop

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Thu Mar 6 09:41:09 CET 2003

You will often find Scandinavian and German comic books in the Mediterranean
tourist areas. My memory is although not completly clear if I saw any in
Greece last time.

/Michael (Swedish tourist)

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Subject: Greek comic found in a Norwegian second hand shop

> Hi all - specially to our Greek friends!
> While visiting my sister in Porsgrunn (in the
> south eastern part of Norway) I also visited a
> local second hand store in order to search for
> some Norwegian comics for my good Dansih friend
> AC Sivebæk. Besides finding two of the magazines
> he've asked for I also found a Swedish Kalla Anka
> & Co (#20/21 2002 with the second part of "Gyro's
> First Invention" and even a Greek Komix magazine
> featuring the Barks Classic "Lost in the Andes".
> Off course I bought it. I now have that story in
> Norwegian, German and Greek, and I have read it
> in Swedish and Danish.
> So my Greek friends, have any of you ever found
> Scandinavian comics in Greece?
> Sigvald :-)
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