Mickey Mouse Daily Strips

Crocker, John John.Crocker at dvn.com
Wed Mar 12 15:00:52 CET 2003

Quick question to the individual who has been posting the old Mickey Mouse Daily Strips (I apologize for forgetting your name)....

I noticed that today's strip says "By Iwerks" as most have, but a few before this last one said "By Walter Disney"

I am just curious as to why this happened....the art seemed the same to me, so why would Ub's name have been dropped?

Anyway, I'm really enjoying the strips each day and must say that I never realized that after the few airplane strips that Mickey spent so much time on an island.  It seems most strange b/c there isn't much development of the character, but instead he just simply jumps into some escapades.  Any thoughts on why this would be....?  Do we already know alot about Mickey through other media by the time of the strips?

Well, hi to all and thanks for the great discussions we've been having.

John Crocker.

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