Mickey Mouse as "Monarch of Medioka"

lgiver@postoffice.pacbell.net lgiver at postoffice.pacbell.net
Mon Mar 24 09:53:20 CET 2003

The discussion of the early history of Disney comics in Europe motivated me
to look over my copy of Mickey Mouse, "Monarch of Medioka".  My copy
is the Gladstone reprint in "The Biggest Big Mickey Mouse".  Geoff Blum
wrote commentary, and there are 2 pages of reprints of old New York Times
news articles from December, 1937, reporting the censorship of this
comic strip in Yugoslavia.  At that time, "Mickey Mouse is probably
America's most popular representative abroad...."  Wow.  I had read this
several years ago, but had forgotten all about it.
            For me the most interesting part of this story was Mickey
cutting taxes in Medioka to revive the depressed economy.  He was
implementing Keynesian economics before Keynes became well-known!
I expect our president Ronald Reagan read this story in the newspaper comics
in 1937-38 when he was about 25 years old; then when he was president
in 1981-82 he set forth tax reduction policies during that recession.  
Could it be that his early exposure to Mickey Mouse economics helped
form his policies as president??

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