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I will try in defining it a little.

The Walt Disney Company owns all the characters and they rent out the
rights to Gemstone and other publishers around the world. Here in
Scandinavia it is Egmont that publishes it.

The different publisher then hires story writers and artists to do the
work and they pay them for that work.

Let's take Don Rosa as an example since we all know him. He works for
Egmont in Scandinavia and get paid from them. His boss is Byron Ericson
and he is editor in Denmark (if I am not mistaking). If Don Rosa want a
raise then he speaks with Byron Ericson at Egmont.

So the artists are not working for Disney at all, they are working for
the publishers like Egmont and Gemstone.

But the payment that the artists receive is not a part of the royalties
to Disney. Disney is getting royalties for the right to use the
characters and names, and the artists are getting paid for the work.

Lars Olav Karlsen
Oslo, Norway

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Gary Leach wrote:

> Gemstone, a licensee with a 
> very specifically defined license, pays considerable 
> royalties to the one creator that contractually counts - 
> Disney. And that, also by contractual terms, is the sole 
> creator to which Gemstone can - and, of course, must - pay 
> royalties of any kind. 

If I understand you correctly the legal creator of any Disney comics is
the Disney company and all writers and artists just do work-for-hire?
Wouldn't this mean that anyone who creates Disney comics (in the U.S.,
in Italy, in Denmark or anywhere else) should be directly paid by
Disney? Or is the payment the publisher gives to the creator part of the
royalties he has to pay to Disney? So with whom does the artist/writer
speak if he wants a raise? The Disney company or his publisher?



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