AW: Royalties

Cord Wiljes cord at
Wed Aug 4 16:44:16 CEST 2004

Lars Olav Karlsen wrote: 

> But I do know that the publisher has the complete right to 
> change whatever they want in the artwork.

How do writers and artists feel about this? Is it common practice with
other comics publishers? I know movie directors sometimes have the right
to the "last cut", which means the studio cannot dictate the final
version of the film. How about novels? Can a publisher rewrite whole
passages of a novel?  

> But when I read along with your conclusion I see that you have 
> made a mistake because from what I know it is the publisher that 
> remains the rights to the stories, but Disney owns the characters. 

So practically Gemstone pays royalties to Egmont (for the comics) and to
Disney (for using the characters in the stories)? If it is the publisher
who owns the copyrights to the stories, then the publisher should really
be the one to consider paying royalties for reprints to the creators.
Not Disney. 

> You also state that the cartoons are hot in America, but I have
> understood it totally opposite. 

Yes, sorry, I forgot a NOT here. What I meant was:

>> Especially considering the fact that (at least in the U.S.) Disney 
>> comics are NOT that hot a property that Disney could pick and choose


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