Hans Schmidt hansschmidt at bluebottle.com
Fri Aug 6 10:08:22 CEST 2004

Dan Shane wrote:

>You forgot to mention that while American non-comics readers are
>about the increasing price of gasoline (or petrol to our enlightened
>European friends) they continue to shell out 4 times the amount for
>water.  Water!  In a country where most residents can turn on the tap
>receive just about the cleanest, best tasting H-2-O on the planet!

And Sverre:

>I live in Houston, and our tap water taste like it's straight from
>swimming pool. It's just plain awful! First time I tasted it I was
>gagging. So for a long time we got the huge 5 gallon bottles of
>delivered on our door from Ozarka. The bill would vary between $30 -
$80 a
>month. I tried the carbon based water filters that attaches to the
>and it marginally improved things, but you could still taste the
>I finally spent $250 on a reverse osmosis filter (the one with a
>under the sink), and I've never been happier. Bottled water is now a
>of the past in my household.

Sorry, but since I'm working in a water company, I really have to
reply to this... tap water can be good, but in no way it can taste as
well as bottled water coming from source. Bottled natural water is
incomparably better than tap water, as each source of water has a
unique arome that you can't find in tap water. Surely you can also
get good water without bottled better, but not as good. Wether the
price is too much, or delivery not easy, then... this is another

Please, please, excuse me for this entirely off-topic mail!

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