Water - again

Cord Wiljes cord at wiljes.de
Fri Aug 6 14:28:58 CEST 2004

Don Rosa wrote:

> They are very nice, but they don't really come from a 
> lovely sparkling natural spring in the snowy mountains 
> as shown on the label.

Coca Cola's "Dasani" water sold in the U.K. was recently found to be
nothing but bottled tap water

Quote: "Figures from independent beverage research company Canadean show
that at least two out of every five bottles of water sold around the
world are, like Dasani, "purified" waters, rather than "source" waters
which originate from a spring."

A comprehensive study here in Germany a few years ago found out that our
tap water is in fact (on average) _better_ than our bottled water.
Bottled water often has ingredients which are supposed to be good for
year health - but in higher dosages can do harm. In addition the laws
for tap water are stricter than for bottled water. Beats me why, though.

Kim Basinger accepts nothing but bottled "Evian" water - to wash her
hair :-)

In a desperate attempt to make this thread on-topic: We can assume that
Duckburg gets its water from a dam. At least if it has been rebuilt
after dam disaster at money lake. 

It is really hot, right now. I think will go and drink some tap water


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