AW: On Line Comic Shops.

Cord Wiljes cord at
Fri Aug 6 14:37:43 CEST 2004

Joe Torcivia wrote:

> I've had repeated dealings with Mile High Comics, 
> and they have all been good.  Of course, my shippings 
> have all been to New York -- not Europe, so I can't 
> speak to that.  

As a customer of Mile High Comics for over twenty years I can add: Great
selection (5.000.000+ issues, everything is online!), reliable service,
sturdy packaging, strict grading.

But rather high prices!

My tipp: Wait for one of their sales and go for the lower grades! I for
myself could not distiguish Mile High's back isses graded as "fine" from
the supposedly "near mint" copies I buy from the comics store around the
corner. Even Mile High's "good" issues are more than sufficient for
reading pleasure.


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