Herbert Snorrason odin at hugbunadur.is
Fri Aug 6 18:08:51 CEST 2004

Hans Schmidt wrote:
> Sorry, but since I'm working in a water company, I really have to
> reply to this... tap water can be good, but in no way it can taste as
> well as bottled water coming from source. Bottled natural water is
> incomparably better than tap water, as each source of water has a
> unique arome that you can't find in tap water.
Well, *my* tap water is better than any bottled water, thankyouverymuch. 
This is, in fact, shown by scientific studies, which prove the local tap 
water to be cleaner than most bottled water products.
Granted, it *is* spring water, but...

> Please, please, excuse me for this entirely off-topic mail!
Topic? What's that?
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