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deanmary deanmary at
Thu Aug 19 19:47:21 CEST 2004

    I bought a DVD of Disney's "The Three Musketeers" starring Mickey,
Donald, and Goofy a few days ago.  Inside was the usual small booklet
promoting other upcoming Disney movies, CDs, etc.  But then I saw
something very *unusual*.  Near the end of the booklet is a page with
an order form for Gemstone Disney comics!  I about fell off of my
couch! :)  Now I am not saying that this will be a big deal in the
long run, however it was great to see *any* promotion of Disney comics
in the USA, let alone one that will get to *millions* of people.  So a
hearty congratulations to Gemstone for getting this accomplished!

    As I watched the movie I saw why this movie would be especially
appropriate for including a Gemstone order form.  The narrator (a
turtle) begins telling the story by reading out of a comic book.  And
when the film ends, the credits are given in a comic book format.  I
noticed that the comic book the turtle is reading is priced 25 cents.
So, Gary, do we have any 25 cent comics books from Gemstone to look
forward to in the near future?  :)

    A couple other things of interest.  The villain of the story is
Pete.  What surprised me was that he had his peg-leg.  I am surprised
that Disney did not think having a peg-leg was too politically
incorrect these days.

    Pete's henchmen are 3 rather nondescript characters wearing dark
robes and masks.  While watching the credits I saw that these 3
characters are supposed to be the Beagle Boys!  That surprised me as
other than the Beagle Boys like mask they didn't look much like the
Boys, at least to me.

    Dean Rekich

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