Gemstone prices

Poul Spærhage Frøkjær pfr at
Mon Aug 23 08:50:07 CEST 2004

I know that it has been said several times that the prices on the Gemstone
prestige format  books are fairly high. Still, when you guys go buy it in
the US; think about us poor soules abroad. Personally I pay what equals
USD11 for the Prestige formats and approx. USD 5 for the regular. Now, when
you can go buying the local "Anders And & Co" for USD 3, it means you like
what is being done, here. Continue the good work Gemstone guys.

For the statistics: I buy US, WDC, MM and DD. I skipped the DD adventures
as I found the quality of this specific line not worth the money.

All the best

Poul Frokjar, Denmark

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