DCML Digest Issue 16

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Tue Dec 21 15:12:47 CET 2004

From: Mari Reilin <marire at luukku.com>
Subject: A new version The Life and Times of $crooge McDuck
>>>>>I'm not sure if this is told before, but I read in Finnish Aku
Ankka(Donald duck)-paper that there will be published a new version of The
life and Times of $crooge McDuck. It containes old stories and ones Don Rosa
has done after the first book was published. The article didn't told will it
be published in whole world or only in Finland, but I'm quite sure if it
comes out only in Finland, it will soon spread everywhere. They didn't tell
the precis year, but in Finlad, Rosas book has come out after two
years(-99,-01,-03, so I wait it in 2007. I'm really happy, if someone can
give me better information

That the first I've heard of any such "Lo$" book from Finland, so at this
point it's not something I have anything to do with. But it would not
"spread from" Finland; such "extended Lo$" books have appeared across South
America and Europe, and supposedly soon here in America, so Finland would be
slow in doing such a book, not first. 
But I'm curious... if you know that the Finns do a Rosa book every two
years, why are you expecting the next one in 2007? What about 2005?

From: "Thad Komorowski" <thad at goldenagecartoons.com>
Subject: Re:DCML Digest 13: Matilda McDuck
>>>>>There's something I'm curious about though...  In the INDUCKS listing
for "Letter from Home", every other McDuck character besides Scrooge and
Matilda are said to appear in flashback form... Does this mean Matilda is
'still' alive?

I planned to have both Matilda *and* Hortense in that story until the
editors told me that they were both "officially dead". (The characters, not
the editors.) But I argued successfully for at least using Matilda.

>>>>>One more question for Mr. Rosa, I recall how almost all of the Duck
characters appeared on your wonderful family tree in WDCS 600... This may
seem silly, but where does Ludwig Von Drake (it can't be too silly if this
is the same family tree that gave Fethry Duck his only American appearance
in the 1990s...) fall on that?  I've been told that he's the spouse of

To repeat this for newcomers: My original version of the Family Tree
included Ludwig Von Drake in the only possible position he could occupy to
be Donald's uncle, which was as Matilda McDuck's husband. And that seemed
logical for this Austrian (?) Duck to have married a McDuck girl who had
moved home to Europe. But once again, the editors decreed that LvD was
"officially dead" and I could not include him (even though Barks once used
him in a 1-page gag)(which he probably didn't write), but that the
publishers wanted me to add this Fethry Duck, a character not known to me as
an American. So even though I already had my Ducks all in a row, I shifted
them around, removed LvD and added Fethry. But in the Duck Family Tree in my
mind, LvD is still married to Matilda and there is no Fethry.
So... is LvD in this "Letter from Home" story with Matilda? No, I didn't
even try to get into the subject with the editors as to whether he was alive
again or not. There is *so much* going on in this story (too much, really!)
that I just couldn't consider *also* having LvD complicating the situation
with his sudden presence. So even though Matilda seems to be unmarried in
the story, it is not actually stated what her marital status is, and I
figure that LvD is merely away on a lecture tour somewhere. Maybe if I ever
use Matilda again, I'll see if they'll allow me to bring LvD into the story.
Or maybe I'll just have to decide he ran off with Hortense, never to be seen

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