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There is a good story, which is a sort of parody, where there is an interaction between Donald, the kids and Mickey Mouse which is called paperopoli liberata, published in 1967 in Topolino 598, drawn by Giovan Battista Carpi; this is true that the very good Gottfredson in his 30's stories tended to mix both the characters of Mickey and Donald in the same places and intrigues (house of the seven ghost and others stories); i can be wrong but i think that might be justified at this period because there wasn't an appropriate city and place for developping Donald's own world; i would like to know whether Gottfredson mixed the two characters one or two decades later with the same regularity due to the creations of the others characters around Donald by Barks and Taliaferro (and also by the italians artists), and the creation of Duckburg by Barks; i guess it was easier to use Donald in Mousetown at the beginning when he used to be isolated from a particular town or family than it has been the case later.
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