Raptus September 2004

Anders Christian Sivebæk anders_sivebaek at nns.dk
Sat Feb 7 17:47:38 CET 2004

Hi all
>-- And finally: After the success in 2002, DON ROSA COMES BACK TO THE 
>RAPTUS FESTIVAL THIS SEPTEMBER! (I'm so thrilled because I know that this 
>year I will actually be there myself!)

Oh boy oh boy - that is great news. 
Is it possible - would any of you others here like if we could
make some kind of summit at this Raptus-festival?
I imagine people from dcml, The norwegian donaldists, NAFS(K) DDF(R), 
andebyonline.com and many others will come here - 
could it perhasps be arranged, with help from the raptus-people, that we

I really hope to come to this festival - and this time I plan to stay the
whole time there. 

Anders Christian Sivebæk

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