Is this a comic book or a subscription folder ?

Tom Peaco tpeaco at
Sat Feb 14 12:54:30 CET 2004

Ola Martinsson wrote:

> > From the descriptions of the other mailers
> > I can tell that the mailers for 1942, 1949, 1950 & 1953 had different
> > from that shown in Gerber.
> >
> Can you tell me what covers that are reprinted on those four mailers ?

1942 - WDC&S 25
1949 - "A rare Barks item: Same WDC&S cover as 1942 mailer, but with art
changed so that nephew is handing teacher Donald a comic book rather than an
apple as originally drawn by Kelly.  The tiny, 7/8"x1-1/4" cover shown was a
rejected cover by Barks that was intended for C&S 110, but was redrawn by
Kelly for C&S 111.  The original art has been lost and this is its only app.
1950 - "P.1 r/cover to Dell Xmas Parade 4 (w/o title); p.2 r/Kelly cover to
C&S 101 (w/o title), but with the art altered to show Donald reading C&S 122
(by Kelly); hardcover book, "Donald Duck in Bringing Up the Boys" given iwth
a $1.00 one-year subscription; P.4 r/Kelly Xmas cover to C&S 99 (Rare)"
1953 - "P.1 r/cover to Dell Xmas Parade 4 (w/o title); insides offer "Donald
Duck Full Speed Ahead", a 28 pgae, color 5-5/8"x6-5/8" book, not of the
Story Hours series; P.4 r/full Barks C&S 148 cover (Rare)"

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