Paperinik or Pikappa?

Francesco Spreafico frspreaf at
Tue Feb 17 20:30:56 CET 2004

Rich Bellacera wrote:

> Lately I've noticed the common use of the Italian name "Pikappa" in
> reference to PKNA/Paperinik.  What does Pikappa mean and how is it used
> with respect to Paperinik (The Duck Avenger)?  I'm a little confused.

"Pikappa" is the sound of the letters "p" (pi) and "k" (kappa) in Italian,
joined in one only word. It started being called like that in 1996, in the
series "PKNA" (Paperinik New Adventures), because... well, for no real
reason I guess, it just sounded cool and made him somewhat different from
the classic Paperinik.

Later in the current PKNA book (Now named only "PK") they got completely rid
of continuity and started from scratch, in a world where Paperinik never
even existed and the super hero secret identity Donald starts to have in
issue 1 (given to him by some aliens!) is just named "PK" (still pronounced
"pikappa", I guess), being some kind of galactic code or something... I
actually read that issue and forgot it right away since I found the whole
concept preposterous!


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