Reactions to Letter from Home

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Fri Feb 20 14:20:01 CET 2004

Hi and quack,

this is a slightly edited and roughly translated version of a mail I
sent to the Swedish Donaldist mailing list a few hours ago:

So, there it was at last - "The letter from home or the old castles
new secret". Part 1 of 3, at least. While reading, a lot of emotions
came running through my head. May I share them here?

* A prologue that runs for three pages! Have any of the duck-comics
  had a prologue earlier? OK, there was an introduction to the first
  Kalevala episode. But this makes me feel like the duck comics rises
  itself to a higher level of literature, in some way.
* The style of Don Rosa keeps on developing! The characteristic,
  strong inking that, in some cases have made the comic a little too
  ponderous seems to have gone a little lighter. Although the settings
  really invites to lots of shadows and inking, the balance is just
* And the story! The atmosphere is there, right in the first panel and
  it accelerates throughout the story. I feel in my bones that this is
  going to be one of the best duck comics that I ever read. Yes, I
  have not yet read half of the story, and it is already in the same
  regions of my ranking as "Lost in the Andes" and "Vacation Times".
* On the whole, this comic got a very mature feeling, dealing with
  elations, family ties, feelings of loss and attitude of life as with
* In the prologue, I observed human beings along with the usual "dog
  noses". Interesting.
* A Don Rosa cover on the weekly Kale Anka & Co! We (the Swedish
  readers) aren't spoiled with that. :)
* Someone who have found the D.U.C.K.-dedication yet? I haven't.

* The editors at Egmont have yet again made a big goof. The story is
  credited to "Story: Jens Hansegård Artwork: Massaroli". On the other
  hand, the cover says "New comic by Don Rosa", so there shouldn't be
  any confusion anyway.

 / Magnus Bark (Farbror Skojskoj, en av de tjocka farbröderna)

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>2004-02-20 10:03:
>Subject: Reactions to Letter from Home
>To list:
>    I'm dying to know about "Letter from Home" as well. I saw the cover on a
>Don Rosa website. I love it, especially Don's drawing of Matilda, who has
>her own unique appearance apart from Grandma Duck and Glittering Goldie. I
>can't wait to read the U.S. version whenever that will be. If anyone has any
>opinions about Don's latest yarn without spoiling it so much, please feel
>free to write them here if you want. I'm interested!
> / Brevbäraren

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