Gemstone Donald Duck #313 cover

Larry Giver lgiver at
Sun Feb 22 04:13:08 CET 2004

Sverre Amundsen inquired about Gemstone #326, the February issue.  I've had 
a copy
for about 3 weeks now, but I don't subscribe; I purchased from local comic 
shops.  So
far the only March issue I've bought is Donald Duck #313.  I thought it 
would be
appropriate to feature Donald's car and license number 313 on the 
cover!  And indeed,
Donald's car is on the cover drawn by Branca.  Unfortunately, the license 
plate is
half-obscured by Huey's helmet, so only the final "3" of 313 can be 
seen.  It seems sad
to miss a nice detail like this by such a small margin!

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