Lars Jensen lpj at
Sun Feb 29 11:51:25 CET 2004

Jonathan H. Gray wrote:

> I seem to recall ONE [Paperinik story] being printed in Disney
> Adventures way back when, but I honestly dont remember if it was any
> good...
> ...or for that matter if it was even Italian [...]

It was American-produced. I haven't read it, so I'll let somebody else
comment on whether it was good.

Olivier wrote:

> It's a odd convention that a mere mask or change of  costume makes you
> unrecognizable / unidentifiable: Clark Kent can in no way be Superman
> [...]
> (it's all in the glasses, like Clark)

If people look the same with or without glasses, how come so many have
dropped the latter and begun wearing contact lenses? Obviously, there
*is* a difference.

Maciek wrote:

> This olwey's bother me theat now body never notice Theat SuperGoof and
> Goofy are the one guy evev whail the Only difren't betwen Goofy and
> SuperGoof only difrence is dres. SuperGoof is don't wering a mask and
> face are dissame. Disame gouse for Papiernik. It's just wird theat
> people relly don't see theat they are one.
> And In fackt  for some strange resson's wen Donald swich to his alter
> ego he stop's beaing clamsy and Un-lucky.

The original Super Goof is a (very basic) parody of Superman: "What if
we let Goofy play the part of Superman?" Part of the parody is that
nobody realizes Super Goof is Goofy, even though it should be blindingly

The original Paperinik is an empowerment fantasy. Imagine Donald
thinking: "Everybody may be laughing at me, think I'm a zero and treat
me like dirt... But if I were a superhero, I'd show them all! They'd
treat me with respect and admire me! And people who treat my Donald
identity badly (Gladstone, Scrooge and so on) would get their
As you yourself pointed out, the original Paperinik goes from being a
failure (in his Donald identity) to being a success (as Paperinik). Pure
wish fulfilment! And since the idea of having his secret identity
revealed (on a permanent basis) would spoil part of the empowerment
fantasy, nobody is ever going to realize that Donald the nobody is
"actually" a strong, competent, awe-inspiring winner. Donald can
continue to dream...


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