Vacation Van Honk

Jonathan H. Gray jongraywb at
Thu Jan 29 21:49:04 CET 2004

>To the best of my memory Vacation Van Honk is in "Sir Gyro Do Gearloose"
>(his automatic dressing machine is on the fritz near the beginning of the
>episode) and "Magica's Shadow War" (Magica's shadow tries to steal his
>wallet).  What's the story behind this most minor of characters?  Ws he 
>intended to have a bigger role in the series?

I was always under the impression that he was just a rather loosely designed 
"Gus Goose" cameo and nothing more. Kinda like an easter egg so to speak. Of 
course thats just me blowing out smoke on a guess ^^;

Jonathan H. Gray

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