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> Another thing I've been thinking about, I just enjoyed "The Once and 
> Future Duck", and in that story, King Arthur spots Gyro Gearlooses  
> "suncatcher", and says something like: "I need that cup... half the 
> kingdom to he who brings me the HOLY GRAIL!!!" (sorry about the 
> translation, I've only read it in swedish so far...)
> Well, the point is, that if the holy grail becomes fiction, and that it 
> never existed becouse King Arthur just made it up, how can as an example 
> (warning, a very tiny spoiler coming up...) Donald find it in The Old 
> Castles New Secret?

The Holy Grail was the cup of Jesus, wasn't it?

I assume that Jesus had a cup to drink from even if king Arthur never went 
looking for it.

(though I'd always assumed it to be... plainer.)

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