The Most Holy Grail!

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> > right, the Holy Grail was  used by Jesus during the last supper
> >
> > steven rowe
> That's one interpretation. There is, in fact, no certainty as to just 
> what the term "Grail" refers, and there is even speculation that it has 
> to do with the bloodline of Jesus, rather than to any specific object.

I am aware of this theory concering the bloodline of Jesus,
probably just made up to make the royal families feel even
more godly than they allready felt at the time, but interesting
none the less. (Especially the whole thing concerning this
town in France, Renneais-san-chateau something, which
is again connected with the Knights Templar, and the other secret
of a certain old castle in Scotland.)
But the Word "grail" seems to refer to a cup or plate anyway,
here's from :

Grail\, n. [OF. graal, greal, greet, F. graal, gr?al, LL. gradalis, gradale, prob. derived fr. L. crater bowl, mixing vessel, Gr. krath`r. See Crater.] A broad, open dish; a chalice; -- only used of the Holy Grail.


Middle English greal, from Old French graal, from Medieval Latin gradlis, flat dish.]

(The first is Websters definition, the second from the American Heritage Dictionary)

- Martin S. Thoresen

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