DCML Digest Issue 11

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Wed Mar 10 15:41:11 CET 2004

> From: Olaf Solstrand <olaf at andebyonline.com>
> Subject: The Age and Birth of Gyro Gearloose
> But... Any other thoughts on that subject?

In my stories he's a few years, maybe 5, older than Donald... whom I regard
as about 35.

> From: "L. Schulte" <lschulte at sfstoledo.org>
> Subject: Story Ideas
> I wonder if the detailed suggestions about stories do not actually deter
> the artist from using the ideas offered.

Anytime someone tells me they have a story idea that they want to offer to
me, I beg them not to even mention it to me. It might be a good idea that I
either already have in my notes (which it would then be awkward to use) or
it's a good idea that I still couldn't use because I am not in the business
of buying story ideas -- I can't afford it (the pay is not enough just when
I think up my own ideas!) and it's the editors' job to buy ideas, not mine.
We're talking about whole plots, not just "do a story about the Kalevala" or
"when you do the story about the Gyro's first invention, use the idea that
it involved blahblahblah". Even when I used the French fella's idea for the
story in "The Dream of a Lifetime", it was still just a barebones idea, and
yet we went to a lot of trouble to make sure he was giving it to Egmont free
and clear... it's more trouble than it's worth. (And another thing... a few
months ago I saw a movie called THE CELL... and I looked at the date on the
old e-mail from the fan who suggested the plot for "Dream of a Lifetime"....
the plot seems identical to THE CELL which had opened about one month before
the guy sent me "his" idea... which may or may not prove anything... but
looks bad for everybody.) I can't pay for ideas, and I should not take them
for free -- not only do people deserve something (which I can't give them)
but somebody might say they are giving me an idea for free, and then change
their mind after the story is completed and printed, which would be a
nuisance that nobody needs. Also, I don't like to be put in the position of
having someone send me a great *unsolicited* idea when I would know that
since I did not ask for the idea, since it was sent unsolicited, it is
legally *my property* and I neither have to pay for it or even give credit
to the person who sent it... that's an uncomfortable position to be placed
in against my will.
So... please, NO plot ideas.

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