Castle McDuck & new secrets

Simo Malinen malines24 at
Fri Mar 12 17:38:33 CET 2004

So the last (3rd) part of Don Rosa's "old castle's new secret"
was printed in here too.

But somehow I'm a bit disappointed about the the story, or should
I say: the Rosa-version of the castle itself.

Where as in Barks' "Old Castle's Secret" the ducks are solving
the Mystery in a gloomy medieval castle, in the new Rosa story
the castle's athmospere resembles more like an roomy apartment
flat constructed of beton elements. Everything is bit too pure
clinical, vast spacious & squareangeled. Barks' dark and gloomy
moods over the places are gone! I expected more about the title:
"old castle's ..."

BTW, did anyone else got the feeling the castle's layout in the
Rosa story is loaned from some old western movie - a cavalry fort
with tall wooden polewalls around the living quarters? (and
tresspassing indians spying/listening under the general's window)

But one thing in the Rosa story I wondered was that all the
castle's *huge* stone walls and barriers are just so *thin*. The
builders must have used some superglue to keep all the building
stones together through all the centuries? When I raided some old
Finnish castles in the 1980's (as a tourist) one thing I remember
was that the outside walls in every place were meters and meters

With Rosa's Castle McDuck the invaders would not have a need to
use any sling shots or wall breakers(?) to break the walls down.
They could have stick brand new entry doors with a pencil!

And - Let's really hope Don Rosa will find some new solutions for
his becoming stories, or else from the next Rosa story we'll find
out that in a huge cave under Donald Duck's house there's a totally
secret, hidden and forgotten ancient margarine factory! (or so)

- Simo

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