Redan Disney Princess Magazine #4 (March/April 2004)

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> >The story codes from last issue that began with PRE
> >are gone.  This time, they begin with UK.  Does this mean 
> >these stories first appeared in the British version of 
> >Disney Princess Magazine?
> AFAIK, *all* stories are from the UK magazine.  

Thanks.  I didn't know that.  I knew they were 
reprinted from the various Disney Princess Magazines
in Europe, but I didn't know they were all from the 
UK one...

> PRE might mean "PRincess (Egmont)", "PRincess 
> (England)" or something like that, also suggesting 
> Britain.

You misunderstood my question (because I wasn't clear).
Lat time, we determined that PRE was a brand new code
prefix, apparently made up by Redan.  What I'm asking now
is "Is UK a new prefix, or is it what the UK Disney
Comics publisher currently uses?"

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