Center of the Earth - wonderful serendipity (I like that word)

Olivier mouse-ducks at
Sun Mar 21 14:36:25 CET 2004

Hi everyone!

Quite unfortunately, I haven't had time to read through all the messages on
this intriguing subject, but I am saving them for later.

As I was browsing through the Cornell University collection of  scanned
nineteenth-century American magazines & newspapers
( for my research, I
started going through the first issues of  the Scientific American- and gues
what I saw on the first page of  Vol 2 issue 1 (Oct 3, 1846)
n%2Fmoa%2Fmoa-cgi%3Fnotisid%3DABF2204-0002-2&coll=moa&frames=1&view=75) (can
be viewed as a gif  image or a pdf  document) ? ...


Philosophy of  Gravity

A body carried beneath the surface of  the earth becomes lighter, because
the matter then above it, is drawing it up, instead of  down, as before. A
descent of  a few hundred feet makes a sensible difference, and at the
centre of  the  earth, if  a man could reach it, he would find things have
no weight at all; and there would be neither up nor down, because bodies
would be equally attracted in all directions.


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