Mickey Mouse story?

Olivier mouse-ducks at wanadoo.fr
Thu Mar 25 19:03:47 CET 2004

Hi everyone!


>>>> I got a question today about a Mickey Mouse story with a mine and
>>>> some gold colored cowboy ghosts. Does anybody recognize this? I
>>>> believe I have read quite a few Mickey stories over the years, and
>>>> perhaps even this one, but I just can't pin it down.

It may not be the one you ahve in mind, but this makes me think of  a
Gottfredson story. One sure way to know: did it feature Eega Beeva? If  it
did, it may very well be "Itching Gulch", by Bill Walsh & Floyd Gottfredson
(Aug 8 - Oct 22, 1949). Were the cowboys ghostlike?


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