Should we support animated bovines?

Dan Shane danshane at
Fri Mar 26 12:27:02 CET 2004


> Disney's HOME ON THE RANGE opens next week.  I suggest we all go see it
> and tell all of our friends to go see it.  The last time a Disney
> animated feature (BROTHER BEAR) didn't have a strong opening weekend,
> they closed the studio that made it.


I make it a practice not to encourage or discourage which movies to see, as
each person is his/her own decision maker.  I also don't usually reply to
emails written by people I don't know.  If Wolfsong is a past contributor,
and I just missed his/her signature in the past, I apologize.  I like to
sign my messages at the bottom so readers don't have to rely on my email
address to identify me.

But I choose to address Wolfsong's assertion that the Florida animation
studio closed because BROTHER BEAR performed poorly.  The decision to close
that location was made long before BROTHER BEAR ever hit the theatres.  And
seeing HOME ON THE RANGE won't change Michael Eisner's mind about ending
"hand-drawn" animated films.  He has decided that all future animated films
will be 3-D, in the style of Pixar movies.

I attend screenings based on whether I think I will like a movie or not, not
because I wish to make a financial statement of support.  Walt Disney
Corporation is not a charity.  If they want my dollars they'll make movies I
want to see.  Based on the trailers, HOME ON THE RANGE ain't one of them.

Dan Shane

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