To Pete or not to Pete

Eta Beta psersimmon at
Mon May 10 15:24:06 CEST 2004


>> How many DCML List members does it take to change a lightbulb?
>I love dis joke Eta Beata, good job :-)))

Thanks, but it's not my own, it was recently posted on another
mailing list after an extended OT spell (in which I took
considerable part :-)

>>So, we can say that it is historically true and estabilished that
>>the early bear and the later cat are indeed the same character,
>>weird as it may sound ?
>Why not. Maby he had some sort of plastic sergery :-)

That's a nice one, too :-)

>For me moust desterbing part is theat Pete had a Peg leg and letter his
>normal leg it grown back.

Not exactly. As explained in the 1941 daily strips continuity
"The Mystery at Hidden River" (YM 047) by Merril De Maris and
Floyd Gottfredson, Pete had his old peg-leg replaced with a
modern prosthetic leg, meaning an artificial leg that looks like
a real one.


Eta Beta

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