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Tue May 11 19:32:57 CEST 2004


>Maybe someone of you can remember the earliest stories in which Donald has 
>a job at Scrooge's Money Bin consisting in cleaning all his silver coins 
>(maybe with a 30 cents' daily salarium?).
>Maybe that the original idea is by Barks, or by Vic Lockman, isn't it?

I have checked my Barks and can safely say that it wasn't his idea.

There's the first Scrooge one-pager where he deals with a silverpolish 
salesman and there's Scrooge cleaning some coins at the beginning of "The 
Midas Touch". That's it with cleaning / polishing coins in Barks' work!

As for Donald, he has worked for Scrooge in several jobs, but would you 
believe, there are only four Barks-stories, where you actually can see him 
working in the money bin (no cleaning / polishing involved, though):

- "Too Safe Safe" (WDC 171, which, for some inexplicable reason, features a 
cameo by a certain Cinderellian cat or, at least, a caricature of it)
- "Riches, Riches Everywhere" (US 11)
- "That's No Fable" (US 32)
- "The Invisible Intruder" (US 44, script: Lockman)

Am I the only one who is surprised? Who knows, maybe Guido Martina was the 
one to introduce the money-cleaning theme. ;-)


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