Song (partly) about Don Rosa

hans kiesl hans.kiesl at
Fri May 14 09:46:43 CEST 2004


>> (...) Fighting back his tears, Sven remains waiting in
>> the queue until he has finally made it to Don Rosa's 
>> drawing desk, where he asks: "Please, Mr. Don Rosa, 
>> could you write: Fur Hans-Dieter Kaiser". That is, he
>> asks for a dedication not to him, but to his father.
> Well...? So, tell me how the story comes out? Did I sign
> the book for the father? Did everyone live happily ever
> after? (I hope so! I sympathize with the father -- I hate
> standing in lines, (...)

Well, the song ends with the quote above. But I'm sure it's just a fairy tale. In real life the boy probably didn't ask for a dedication to his father. He begged for a coloured drawing instead, went home to his Internet connection, sold it at e-bay and bought new stuff for his play station.

In fact, I definitely would not wait for hours just to get a signature either. (It might be different when you use it as a gift for a beloved person, though.)

>Can you get me a copy of this CD?

Sure. Just send me your address in private mail.

> I wonder why Sven calls me "Mr. Don Rosa" rather than just 
> "Mr. Rosa". Another example of the Europeans who think the 
> odd-sounding "Don Rosa" is obviously a fake pen-name?

I don't know. I grew up with Don Heck's Iron Man, so your name never sounded odd to me. Maybe it's meant as a sign of respect? (But probably just one more syllable was needed for the lyrics.)



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