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deanmarv writes: 

As far as for what type of Mickey stories I prefer, I must say that I
like the "new" Mickey stories that have more involved science
fiction/fantasy than Murry type stories.  Of course, there does need
to be a balance and not only to have fantasy stories or detective
stories.  Also, how about stories that are *neither* detective or
SF/fantasy stories?  I am biased in this though as I have never cared
for Murry mouse stories.  Until we have gotten these new stores from
Europe, I never much liked Mouse stories at all except for
Gottfredson's.  When I was a kid and read Disney comics I often did
not even read the Murry mouse stories.  At least to me they seemed
like "cookie cutter" stories -- always the same basic plot and
execution of the plot.  They reminded me of Scooby Doo cartoons in
that the story almost always seemed to follow a set path.  I do not
like Scooby Doo either and yet realize these cartoons are hugely
popular so obviously different people like different kinds of stories.

But, there is a middle ground between the McGreal-fantasy stories and the
Murry-detective stories--namely, the adventure stories of FLOYD
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