OT - Finnish Translation Help Requested; Mickey's Role Discussion

Chuck Munson chuckm_1962 at yahoo.com
Fri May 21 16:39:59 CEST 2004

Hi everyone,

Delurking and I can't even make it on topic.  My
architecture firm has a job overseas which involves
providing a Finnish air handling unit.  The
documentation for it is, big surprise, all in Finnish.
 The principal handling the project identified what we
believe is the most critical info.  I've tried the
free online translations and they are next to useless
for mechanical engineering terms.  Sooo, if anyone in
Finland who is even remotely familiar with mechanical
engineering and has a little free time for a big favor
for a fellow list member, would you please contact me
privately and I will try to provide more info and
scans of the documents in question.

Actually, I do want to make this slightly on topic by
weighing in on the recent "your favorite Mickey"
discussions.  I grew up in the late Murray era (late
60's-early 70's) and so Mickey's natural role for me
was solving crimes and other mysteries.  However, if
you look at some of those 3-parters from WDC&S from
that era and also the MM issues, there are a number of
stories in the fantasy vein ("Mystery of Donnybrook
Castle", "Kingdom in the Sky").  Were those great
stories?  When I was 8 and 9 I enjoyed them immensely,
today I can still enjoy them but would probably prefer
a reread of Gottfredson's "Monarch of Medioka" which I
became enamored of at 11.  Tastes change, but
personally, I do not feel the recent
fantasy-adventure, fantasy-mystery stories are a
stretch at all.  As far as I'm concerned it is all
very familiar territory!

Back to lurker mode and many thanks to any emails from
Finland that I may receive,
Chuck Munson
Herndon, Virginia

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