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Wed May 26 12:19:14 CEST 2004


Derek Smith does a fine job of answering my weeks-old question over why Marvel and DC don't reprint old stories in their ongoing titles.  Makes perfect sense, and I totally agree.  

But my question remains... Why should Gemstone do so, when there are "uncountable fantasticatillions" of Duck, Mouse, etc. stories that have never seen print in the USA -- AND the great old stories are readily (...and usually inexpensively) available to those who'd like to see them for the first time, through shops, shows, and the Internet?  

Some Barks and Gottfredson reprints are ALWAYS welcome.  Let's never forget what made these comics great in the first place.  I draw the line at Gladstone era Rosa and Van Horn reprints, unless they are packaged in a special collection of some sort.

Joe Torcivia.   

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