DCML Digest, Vol 15, Issues 28 & 29

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Fri May 28 16:12:10 CEST 2004

Gemstone's favorite letterhack, Joe Torcivia, wrote:
> Some Barks and Gottfredson reprints are ALWAYS welcome.  Let's never forget what 
> made these comics great in the first place.  I draw the line at Gladstone era 
> Rosa and Van Horn reprints, unless they are packaged in a special collection of 
> some sort.

The most recent Previews solicitations on "coming Gemstone attractions" do seem to be following your wishes, Joe... a few "cherce" Barks reprints sprinkled in amongst the new stories and no reprints of Gladstone-era stories.  Of course, the wiseness of the decision to concentrate on new (to us Americans) stories is predicated on the assumption that we're getting the cream of the crop.  MOST of the "generic" Egmont stories have been good, especially those enlivened by the presence of American creators, but others have displayed those ancient Egmont foibles of blandness and ultimate forgettability.  Several European scriveners, such as Transgaard, Korhonen, and Halas, stand out as particularly reliable deliverers of interesting tales, and they should receive priority when Gemstone prints an Egmont story that does not involve an American writer or artist.  Several people have written to the lettercols praising these overseas creators by name; may they continue to do so!

I KNOW that you're excited about the new MICKEY MOUSE ADVENTURES digest.
Same here.  DDA has been reliably entertaining and (as you and others have amply pointed out) provides a venue for extremely long stories that do not fit the normal Gemstone format.  I am somewhat less than crazy about the reliance on dated media parodies (Ghostbusters and now Indiana Jones?), but at least the relevant stories themselves have been decent. 

Chris Barat   

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